The Soul Provider Trust communicates with its various target audiences through the following media:


SOUL PROVIDER is a reflection on a piece of randomly selected scripture.  Its main purpose is to bring God’s Word to people who don’t have access to a church, but it also seeks to give HOPE and encouragement to ordinary people who may need it. The reflection is normally written by Rev Brent Chalmers OSB Cam but often includes the works of Rev Prof Maria Frahm-Arp, Fr Ron Rolheiser OMI, Bishop Robert Barron, Mark Shea and other writers.  In all cases, the writer’s permission has been obtained before publication.  

SOUL PROVIDER is emailed to subscribers worldwide on a daily basis (Monday to Friday). There are currently 67,000 recipients from all parts of the world and from all sorts of religious and cultural backgrounds.  It is very popular in a range of different environments including prisons, the armed forces and in remote rural communities where there is limited access to churches.


Subscribers need only go to and fill in their details to receive the daily SOUL PROVIDER meditation free of charge. The website carries a whole host of information about the Trust, its projects and various communications.


1. FRIDAY DEVOTION: A weekly edition of SOUL PROVIDER is broadcast on RADIO TODAY 1485 every Friday morning at 10h30 to 10h45. 

The devotion is broadcast on AM 1485 or DSTV Audio Channel 869.  Radio Today currently has an audience of over 450,000 listeners.

Rev Brent has given over 380 reflections and sermons on Radio Today since 2008.  Each and every one has been recorded and PODCAST and can be heard at

2. TALK RADIO 702 AND HIGHVELD 94.7: Rev Brent is often invited to comment on various issues or be interviewed on the Trust’s activities.  


Rev Brent Chalmers preaches live at Rosebank Catholic Church most Sundays and by invitation at other churches, catholic and non-catholic.



The Soul Provider Reflections on YouTube are