The Soul Provider Trust was founded in 2008 (IT 1763/2008). It is a non-denominational, social development agency, a registered Non-Profit Organisation (154-608 NPO). The Trust is also a registered Public Benefit Organisation (PBO#930028235) in terms of section 30 of the Income Tax Act.  It is funded exclusively by the generosity of its benefactors and donors. These range from philanthropic agencies, corporate and individual donors.  All donations to the Trust qualify from Section 18A tax deductions.

The auditors are Stein Auditors.


Phone: 011-886-0987


Address: Building 12, Burnside Island Office Park, 410 Jan Smuts Avenue, Craighall, Johannesburg



The Trust is managed by an independent Board of Trustees. At present the trustees are:

Rev Prof Maria Frahm-Arp is the Chairperson of the Soul Provider Trust.  She lectures in Christian Studies at the University of Johannesburg.  Her latest book “Into the Deep: Finding God in the midst of Suffering” is available on Kindle. 

Mrs Thembi Chagonda (managing director of Global Business Solutions and a leading Human Resources consultant on BBBEE and Employment Equity. She holds a degree in Social Science and a Post Graduate Diploma in Labour Law). 

Rev Brent Chalmers OSB Cam Founder and Managing Trustee – (a deacon at Rosebank Catholic Church. He has been an oblate of the Order of St Benedict for over fifteen years and his spirituality has been formed by the Camaldolese Benedictines. He is a former Commanding Officer of the Transvaal Horse Artillery, Head of Communications at First National Bank and Commissioner of the PGA Tour of Southern Africa). 

Mrs Julia Lamberti-Morreira (jazz vocalist, journalist and manager of the Julia Lamberti Jazz Quartet)

Mr J-P Fourie (Head of Investor Relations at Metier Private Equity)

Ms Nosisa Mokoka (chairperson of Human Resources Committee of University of South Africa, member by Ministerial Appointment UNISA, member of Executive Committee UNISA).

Mr Ciaran Whelan (Global Head Investec Private Bank)





1. SOUL PROVIDER is a daily email to over 76,000 people from different cultural backgrounds and communities, who may not necessarily have access to a church or church related services due to a number of varying circumstances, for example living rural communities, the armed forces, prisons, expatriates etc.

2. SOUL FOOD provides 2,4 million meals a year by managing a logistic operation that collects surplus food from supermarkets, manufacturers, hotels and restaurants and then delivers it to schools, orphanages, old-age homes, shelters and hospitals. It has branches in Johannesburg (North and South), East Rand, West Rand, Free State and Port Elizabeth.

3. SOUL FUEL: Biogas is a renewable source of energy in the category of biofuels. It typically refers to a gas produced by the biological breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen. It produces gas, electricity, diesel and fertiliser.  Soul Fuel sources and supplies Biogas plants with surplus food that is no longer fit for human consumption from supermarkets and retailers, items such as old, used oil from deep frying restaurants and fast food outlets, rotten fruit and vegetables from farm and green grocers, scraps and scrapings from hotels, restaurants and homes.

4. SOUL LEADERSHIP funds the education of certain selected students at universities.