The Soul Provider Trust (IT 1763/2008) is a registered South African Non-Profit Organisation (NPO 154-608), committed to bringing love and understanding to the world through the modern tools of mass communication.

The Soul Provider Trust is committed to that most complex and demanding missionary task of Comforting the Afflicted, wherever they may be found. This includes the Spiritually Afflicted (the doubtful and the curious); the Physically Afflicted (the hungry and the sick) and the Educationally Afflicted (the ignorant and the uneducated).

It funds these tasks by Afflicting the Comfortable to encourage their active and willing support - financial, physical and prayers.



In a manner of speaking, the soul has a principle of chaos and a principle of order within it and its health depends upon giving each its due. Too much order and you die of suffocation; too much chaos and you die of dissipation.

Every healthy spirituality, therefore, will have to worship God at two shrines: the shrine of chaos and the shrine of order. One will keep us energised, the other will keep us glued together.

These two functions of the soul are always in a creative tension. That is why we experience such intense contradictions sometimes inside of ourselves. Energy and integration, passion and chastity, fire and water, are forever fighting each other, each having its own legitimate concerns for our health.

Small wonder that living is not a simple task.

Ronald Rolheiser


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